HVAC-R Services for Hospitals, Healthcare Facilities, & Medical Offices

One in every twenty Americans develop infections acquired from pathogenic viruses and bacteria that filter through the air in hospitals and medical facilities each year. A standardized HVAC unit is imperative to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your healthcare institution.

At Technicom, we stay updated with the latest advances in HVAC-R technology that is crucial for today’s medical buildings. Over the years, we have been trusted by many medical facilities in Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and the surrounding areas for our reliable, compliant, and excellent HVAC services. Our team has the required skills and expertise to service, maintain, and install equipment that meets the requirements of your healthcare facility and helps maintain air quality.

Functions of HVAC-R Equipment in Medical Buildings

The safety, comfort, and healthy environment of any medical or healthcare facility is our top priority, and it depends heavily on the HVAC equipment being used. The critical functions of an HVAC system include the following:

Temperature Control

High or low temperatures can affect the well-being of your patients and staff as well as the medical equipment. Furthermore, the different rooms inside the facility have varying temperature requirements. For instance, operating rooms need to be colder than the regular rooms.

Infection Control

One of the significant functions of an HVAC system is the removal of pollutants and contaminants from indoors and cycling in clean and fresh air from outdoors. This helps in removing viruses, bacteria, and humidity, which minimizes the risk of airborne infections. Superb HVAC equipment provide effective control over foreign substances in the air in medical facilities.

Odor Control

Despite intensive cleaning and sterilization in healthcare facilities, unpleasant odors can still exist in the environment. The circulation of air through the HVAC system helps in removing odors faster, thus providing better, pleasant, and quality air.

HVAC Maintenance & Emergency Services

Regular maintenance is key for the smooth, energy-efficient, and optimal performance of your HVAC unit. We provide preventive maintenance contracts that help in preventing HVAC system downtime and issues in the long run. Moreover, our technicians are available 24 hours a day to ensure your HVAC system is up and running in case of an emergency. We also back our services with a 1-year labor warranty.