Commercial Ice Machine services in northern Virginia

As a restaurant operator, you need to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your ice machine so that you can have an adequate supply of ice for your customers. Ice machines are usually operational more frequently than other components of your commercial refrigeration system. If your ice machine stops working even for a short time, it can significantly impact your food and beverage business. You should ensure that your refrigeration system works effectively and gives a dependable performance to keep up with your business demands.

Indications of Ice Machine Problems:

Even if an expert has installed your ice-machine correctly, it may experience a problem at some point. To prevent the problem from transforming into a bigger and expensive issue, you should seek professional help from Technicom immediately! Here are some indications that your ice machine has a problem:

  1. Your ice appears dirty and is becoming dirtier, which indicates an issue with the filtration system
  2. Water is gathering around your ice machine, which may be because of a leakage in the supply line or damage in the drainage system
  3. Cooling water but not making ice
  4. Water temperature exceeding 32 degrees
  5. The machine becomes too hot while functioning, which may be an indication of an evaporator fan issue

Ice Machine Repair, Installation, & Maintenance

We are the most trusted repair company of all recognized brands of ice machines and refrigeration equipment in the DMV. There, we said it! From estimations to selection, installation, and removal of your existing unit, we are knowledgeable and highly trained in fitting and finishing the job according to your expectations.

Moreover, regular maintenance gives peak performance and can significantly reduce emergency calls for service and keep your equipment in the best condition. A thorough cleaning gives the following benefits:

  1. Removes build-up of sediments and calcium
  2. Improves flow of water which helps in conserving water usage
  3. Increases production of ice
  4. Removes ice discoloration
  5. Improves the clarity and taste of ice for the end-users